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Email Account Settings

The settings used to connect to our email servers are the same for all types of email software. If the support article for the software you use is not listed below, we recommend searching the Internet for assistance on how to use that particular software or device. Once you know how to navigate through your software, simply use the settings provided below and enter these details into your software.

Note: As a courtesy to our customers, we've provided a couple of guides on how to configure various popular email software which you may find at the bottom of this article. Our staff, however, are not able to provide support on how to use third-party software. For assistance in how to use software not sold or developed by us, please contact the software manufacturer or visit their relevant online support pages.

During the setup of your email account on your nominated device it will ask you to choose from one of two types of accounts, POP or IMAP. Be careful with your selection here as it may affect your ability to view your emails on other devices. To assist you with your choice, we've included a description of both account types:

  • POP
    Downloads each email to your nominated device for storage. Great for using a single device, means you don't have to be connected to the internet to read messages you've already downloaded and saves space on your hosting account for your website files. Emails already downloaded cannot be viewed on another device.
  • IMAP
    Keeps all emails on the server and syncs with multiple devices. Great for the power user who accesses their emails on multiple devices (phone/laptop/desktop). Consumes hosting account storage space.

The settings you will require to configure your email client are as follows. To make things a little easier on you, we've also provided a tool for you to update the settings specific to your domain name. Simply enter your details and click 'Update' to ensure you have the correct settings. Please note this tool may not be accurate if you are not a customer of Xtreme.


Setting More information Example
Username Where asked for the username, you must enter your complete email address @
Password Where asked for the password, you must enter the password allocated to you or chosen when creating the email account on our servers. ********
Incoming Mail Server This is the server you will receive Incoming Mail from.


Incoming Server Port Our email servers use all the default incoming server port numbers. POP:
Non SSL= 110
SSL =  995
Non SSL= 143
SSL = 993
Outgoing Mail Server This is the server you will send Outgoing Mail from. It is also possible to set this as your ISP's Outgoing Mail Server. Please refer to your ISP's website for instructions.


Outgoing Server Port Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) block port 25 for their own outgoing emails. We recommend using port 587 or if connecting via SSL, 465 Non SSL = 587
SSL = 465
 Authentication Type Users must use password authentication to send or receive emails from our servers. Password

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