Waves Wi-Fi

Control your guests’ internet access using Waves Guest Wi-Fi Solutions! Manage all your network traffic including access requests and permissions from guest devices, and enjoy a seamless setup and ongoing support from the friendly team at Xtreme.

How Waves works….

Waves connects via your existing internet connection on site. It doesn’t discriminate – you can use it with any modern type of internet service.

The Waves-configured hotspot controller sits in between your internet connection and your guest wireless network. It manages all the network traffic from your guests including access requests and permissions.

Once you’re set up, users can connect their devices to the internet via one or more Wireless Access Points linked throughout your property.

What is Waves?

Waves Guest Wi-Fi Manager is a cloud-based hotspot management system designed to manage your guest Wi-Fi network. Configure paid packages, free data allocations, shape internet speeds, and more from within Waves’ simple yet powerful cloud-based user interface. Plus, allow your guests to access the internet via SMS, integrated PMS, or one of Wave’s specially designed login systems.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Campgrounds and Villas
  • Marinas and Showgrounds
  • Lifestyle Villas

Get Started with Waves

Ready to get connected? Waves has a range of plans for properties of all sizes and requirements.

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Product: Waves Wi-Fi

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