4G Boosters

Stay connected with our powerful 3G/4G signal boosters that provide uninterrupted, indoor mobile coverage, no matter where you are.


What is a 4G booster?

A 4G signal booster is a piece of electrical equipment used to improve weak 4G mobile signals indoors. They work by amplifying and redistributing a weak, outdoor 4G signal to indoor serving antennas, helping to increase mobile coverage inside.

Why do you need a 4G booster?

Being such a large country, Australia is prone to mobile blackspots where cell coverage is either subpar or doesn’t exist at all. For many Aussie tourism providers and their guests, poor signal a common frustration. 4G boosters are a quick, cost-effective solution that can instantly help boost phone reception (and customer satisfaction).

More bars, less dropouts

Improved mobile battery life

Increased data speed

Inexpensive, immediate solution