Managed IT

Xtreme IT provides a reliable and cost effective way of maintaining your IT equipment on a monthly basis under a pro-active maintenance agreement. With an Xtreme IT pro-active maintenance agreement our professional technicians actively maintain and service your servers, desktop workstations & laptop stations on a monthly basis to ensure your employee's time is spent on providing you with their services instead of worrying about IT equipment related issues.

typical desktop & laptop workstation tasks include

  • Security Check & Updates
  • Microsoft Updates
  • Anti-Virus Software check
  • Spyware Sweep
  • Disk Space check
  • Defragmentation of Hard Disks

typical server maintenance tasks include

  • Check Server Resource Utilisation
  • Mail Queue Monitoring
  • Firewall & Virus Updates
  • Software Process Monitoring
  • Disk Space check
  • Defragmentation of Hard Disks

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