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Xtreme IT is an established IT company based in Southport, QLD. Operating since 2000, Xtreme IT has been supplying IT services to thousands of customers around Australia for the past 15 years. Being based on the Gold Coast, has built a large number of clients and in response to demand, have developed specific products and services.

It has been our experience that Small to Medium sized businesses have a technology problem of some sort. Whether it be in-efficient IT processes, unnecessary allocation of Human Resources due to poor systems design or even everyday network instabilities that result in downtime and reduced productivity.

Managed IT
Xtreme IT provides a reliable and cost effective way of maintaining your IT equipment on a monthly basis under a pro-active maintenance agreement. With an Xtreme IT pro-active maintenance agreement our professional technicians actively maintain and...
IT Monitoring
Xtreme IT offers experienced and affordable I.T. monitoring for all provided services. Xtreme IT offers complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications and services. We are able to monitor your multiple Internet connections into...
Backup Solutions
Xtreme IT understands the consequences of data loss. Your business relies on the measure we take to prevent your data from being destroyed or lost forever. Every business that uses at least one computer has to ask itself - could you afford to lose...

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