Staff Profile - Josh

Monday, 24 April 2017


Today we will be profiling arguably Xtreme’s hardest working employee, Josh Pacholke. Presently the Team Lead of Web Design, Josh was once the sole member of the web team. Currently hiring its fifth member, the team has grown substantially under Josh’s wing.

Josh began tinkering with Photoshop at the ripe young age of thirteen. He followed his passions at University, completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree majoring in Multimedia. The degree offered a broad range of subjects gaining Josh valuable skills in 3D Modeling, Animation, Video Editing and Sound Design.

Following his graduation from University Josh began his career in the web industry. Like many a creative genius before him, Josh taught himself how to code, adding to his already broad skill base.

Besides managing the rest of the team, Josh spends his day designing websites, creating third party integrations and executing advanced programming.

When asked how long he has worked at Xtreme Josh replied with “4 years, 7 months, 16 days, 5 hours and 47 minutes”. Now that is attention to detail.

Josh is a massive footy fan (be wary should you approach his office after a Broncos loss)! He also loves to spend his spare time watching movies, working out at the gym and cooking up epic feasts for his friends and family.

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