Staff Profile - Eric

Monday, 22 May 2017

Chances are, if you’ve ever called Xtreme, you’ve spoken to Eric Johnson. As Xtreme’s longest and most faithful employee (other than the founder Brad of course!), Eric knows everyone and everything in the business.

Eric started out at Xtreme as a web developer, than transitioned to the IT department as the demand for more technicians arose. As an avid gamer, Eric had spent considerable time tinkering with computers as a hobby, so the transition was a no-brainer.

He quickly found he had a real passion for customer service and always made sure support was provided to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible – even with a smile.

As we celebrate Eric’s 9 year Xtreme anniversary, you can safely say that Eric is a specialist in all areas of the IT department. “I've been here for so long that I literally do everything!”

Aside from fixing computers, Eric is also a wiz at fixing cars. In fact, he is the resident guru when any of the other staff members have car issues! He loves a day out to the local drag strip & racetrack and enjoys all things Motorsports.

Given Erics’s love of cars and computers, you may be surprised to hear that he is in fact a bit of a green thumb! Eric loves spending time working in his garden growing all kinds of vegetables from carrots to spinach to tomatoes.

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