The Journey to your Website Launch Day!

Friday, 30 October 2015


  1. Discovery

    The discovery phase encompasses the initial conversations we have about what your business goals are, how you would like to portray your business online and also run through any integrations you may need on your site. These steps ensure we can provide you with an accurate quote so all parties have full end to end transparency on what tasks will be completed following timeframes set by both parties.

  2. Research

    We conduct research into your business and your current online presence, your industry – how it functions, who are the authorities and how do they contribute and last but not least, your competitors. All of these factors play an integral part to the success of your online presence!

  3. Site Architecture

    Your navigation and content structure is an important part of every great website. We believe that getting this right isn’t just important, it’s a must. We will put together a recommendation of the site map based on our research and expertise. From there you will then have an opportunity to edit this to comply with your business needs.

  4. Design

    We mix all our research on your business and the industry, knowledge of design trends and creative genius together to create a mock-up of your new site. Abracadabra, just like that it appears before your eyes like magic. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we are pulling our hair out, not because of you but because of our active perfectionism, attention to detail and the little things such as  what the background colour of your footer should be; blue, red, grey, black, white, green. But the end result is definitely worth it.

  5. To-and-Fro

    When you receive your mock-up, it might not quite be what you imagined first up. Most of the time were pretty close! However we do understand the importance of allowing time for you to add contributions to make your site feel like home and it also gives us time to fine tune the design so we can deliver exceptional results.

  6. Development

    We put our code hats (No they are not made of tinfoil) on and get to work on the nitty gritty, the pieces that make all of the imagery show exactly how it is supposed to no matter what device your customer is using to access the world wide web. In the mix, we also set up our favourite CMS (Content management system), Drupal, just for your business needs. Want to change a paragraph on your website but have no web development experience? Great, Drupal is the kind of tool you need to update your website, without having to know the ins and outs of web design coding.

  7. Content Population

     Your site looks great, and functions well but what’s the point if it’s just an empty shell? That’s right the most important aspect of your site is the content – that’s why your customers are there after all! Most of our clients add content themselves because no one knows your business like you do. We provide one on one training on using the CMS – many of our clients report it’s the easiest one they’ve ever used!

  8. GO LIVE

    After all the blood, sweat and tears – to simply stand back and see the site live to the public is a very rewarding experience. Now you get to show off your new site to all your friends, family and most of all…your competitors.


Important tips


  • Your web site journey isn’t over after the site launches. The best sites are maintained regularly with fresh unique content. Xtreme IT can help you update your site on a regular basis
  • We are here to work as a team which means we listen to each other and have each other’s backs.
  • Your new website needs to have participation from you as well as from Xtreme IT 's design team in order to have the best results.
  • We are experts and are passionate about what we do. We want to create the best result for our clients. That means you can trust us to put your business needs first.
  • Our primary goal is to provide a site your customers will find functional and easy on the eye.
  • Xtreme IT are also able to host your website. Click here to compare our web hosting packages.
  • We are only a phone call away and happy to explain the web design process in more detail with you. Call +61 7 5531 4816 to get in touch.

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