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Xtreme IT have been providing a wide range of products and services to a variety of industries since the year 2000. Conveniently located in Southport on the Gold Coast we service clients locally, nationally and in the international arena. During the past 17 years we have seen the use of Internet Technology within businesses evolve and expand. From the days of physical servers and on-site management to the current technologies of cloud servers and remote support, Xtreme IT have been there every step of the way, at the forefront of the IT industry.

Xtreme IT is skilled in numerous areas of business related IT infrastructure including pro-active maintenance, server monitoring, surveillance, backup solutions, cloud hosting, web design and colocation. Here at Xtreme IT , we firmly believe in the use of these technologies to increase productivity and meet customers’ business goals. That’s why we take a consultative, personal approach to every client relationship and build on that relationship with each interaction.

We get to know you and your goals and have your best interests at heart.

Clients return to us again and again because we are passionate about quality; are dedicated to customer service; run our business honestly; and employ great people.

Website Design and Hosting

Xtreme IT Web Design Studio, which is located on the Gold Coast can design and develop a wide range of websites suitable to your needs. Our websites have been improving the business of companies on the Gold Coast and across Australia since the year 2000 and we are constantly striving to continue this using the latest and greatest open source web technologies such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and many more.

Business IT Solutions

Xtreme IT is an established IT company based in Southport, QLD. Operating since 2000, Xtreme IT has been supplying IT services to thousands of customers around Australia for the past 15 years. Being based on the Gold Coast, Xtreme IT has built a large number of clients and in response to demand, have developed specific products and services.

Cloud Servers

Xtreme IT offer excellent Website Hosting packages to run your website quickly and reliably on the Internet. In our 14th year of operation, Xtreme IT knows what you need and are ready to get you connected today!

Business web hosting is one of our specialties - we understand the reliability and performance that businesses need and expect.

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